eirefoto/Kinndi welcomes you to our second series of WNL collectors' cards. Series 1 proved to be reasonably popular so let's hope that Series 2 is even more so. It's a work in progress and as we only use our own photographs, it will take time to include most WNL players. Some of last seasons cards are still here but they will be updated as soon as possible. If there is an error in any card, please let us know - for example, a player may not be Irish-born, so we can change the flag if necessary. Also, if a player is no longer attached to the club, let us know too. If eirefoto has not taken your photograph (sorry Peamount!), you can still be included - send a non-copyright photo to

Those of us of a certain vintage will remember the fun we had collecting Devlin's Sweet Cigarette cards, PG Tips tea cards and postcards and stickers from magazines such as 'Shoot', 'Goal', 'The Lion', 'The Tiger', etc. In more recent years, Panini albums and stickers for World Cup and European Championships were very popular. I think this is a first for Irish-based players though in the past, some newspapers have published collectors' cards for hurling and Gaelic football.



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This collection is very much a 'work in progress'. First of all, the cards will not be for sale, this is not a commercial project. Most will be printed eventually, so if you see me at a match and you would like to have one or two cards for your own collection, just ask (politely!). We use only our own copyrighted photographs so building up a collection is an ongoing process. 




The small print: photos on are watermarked and compressed to a lower resolution for viewing on web. To order high quality prints or to arrange licence for publication, click HERE
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